1. What are offshoredrugmart.com hours of operation?

For your convenience, our customer service specialists are here to help you from Monday to Friday 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Eastern Time. You can also place your order online at www.offshoredrugmart.com at any time online

2. Do I need a prescription to order medication from offshoredrugmart?

If you wish to order prescription medication from offshoredrugmart.com yes, you do need a valid prescription issued by your doctor. You do not need a prescription to order over-the-counter health products marked as non-prescription or over-the-counter on our website.

3. Does offshoredrugmart.com price match?

Yes, you can request a price match from offshoredrugmart.com simply show us recent proof of the lower price at another accredited pharmacy for our customer service team to review. Please note that the drug has to be identical and sold under the same terms, for example, the order must ship from India just like our orders.

4.When will I receive my order?

Most orders reach their destination within 6 to 8 days. However, please wait up to 21 days after we ship your order to allow it to reach your home address it happens very rare but still we suggest maximum delivery forecast, Please note that we can only ship your order after we have received your payment and copy of your prescription.

5. Do you offer express delivery?

If it is Emergency we will ship by DHL/FEDEX/UPS with assured delivery in 4 days For that you have to pay 50 USD shipping charges

6. Will the pills or packaging be different when I order from offshoredrugmart.com?

If you usually take a brand name pill and have instead ordered a generic drug, your pills may look different. Although they may look different, generic versions of a drug have the same active ingredients and work in exactly the same way as the brand-name medication. The appearance of medication or packaging may also differ from country to country, even though the strength is the same. For example, Premarin 0.625 MG is usually a Maroon-coloured pill, but in India it is white and slightly smaller, even though the same company manufactures both pills. Two different brands of generic medication may also look different because they are made by different manufacturers, although they are equivalent in every other way.

7. How does medication from INDIA differ from medication in other regions of the world?

India has high standards and regulations governing the manufacturing of medication and health products and the licensing of doctors and pharmacists. Despite some possible cosmetic differences, medication from India is the same quality and strength as medication from other areas like the United States.

8. How can I email my queries to management at offshoredrugmart.com?

NOTE- Our management team can be contacted at the support@offshoredrugmart.com and we are always ready to respond after accept your meaningful comments within a time.
We feel glad to accept feedback from our patient and we fully try to make improvement in our service, policies and procedures…

9. How long does it take to respond to me email/voicemail enquiry?

Hopefully we respond in 24-48 hours of every mail enquiries. And excuse us on national holidays/public holidays it may take some time to respond otherwise we are available 24/7.

10. Will you accept Insurance?

No. We are located in India and because of this we cannot accept any foreign insurance. We will provide you with a proper receipt for insurance purposes. Your insurance company may or may not accept our receipts.

11. Is it safe to order from your online offshoredrugmart.com?

It is as safe and easy as ordering from your local pharmacy. The only difference is our cheaper prices

12. How can I pay for my order?

We accept VISA/MASTER credit card as well as E-checks and wire transfer to our Indian bank account only. After your order we contact you by email for payment instruction and confirmation.

13. Do you offer free shipping?

Please note – we offer free shipping on ACH orders above 150 USD

14. Can I cancel my order after I have paid?

It is possible to cancel your order until it has actually been shipped. Please email or call us immediately if you need to cancel your order. Unfortunately, after the order has been shipped cancellation is not an option. No Refund applicable at this situation.

15. Is financial details and personal information safe?

You can trust us, we charge all payment from India only, If we ask for wire transfer it also be to Indian account. If you found ever that you have been
scammed just contact us we will provide assistance to get back your money. Offshoredrugmart using bank like secure ssl certificate which helps to stop scam
&fraudulent activity.

16. Offshoredrugmart is accredited?

Offshoredrugmart is verified and Accredited by Pharmacy Checker, USA. We strictly follow the accreditation guidelines and standard operating procedures
designated by Pharmacy checker and USFDA for the safety and distribution of prescription or OTC generic or brand medicines

17. How do I contact Owner for any issue?

You can easily contact our CEO at below email, our Owner available to respond you prashant@offshoredrugmart.com

18. Can I order by phone?

You can place most of your order by phone, however we must always receive a confirmation for your medications before we can process and ship your order. You may place a refill order by phone

For refill/new order we do not ask credit card details over call and expect same from clients to avoid sharing payment details over voice call

19.What happens if my package is lost or damaged during delivery?

All of our packages are covered against damage or loss. If a product is lost or damaged we will reship it to you free of charge. Please feel free to contact us if you do not receive your prescriptions within 28 days of sending your prescription.

20. If I don't see my prescription drugs on the website, does that mean that you don't carry them?

Offshoredrugmart.com carries a much broader selection of prescription drugs and medications than those listed. If you don't see the drug you are looking for, please call us toll-free 1-855-297-4528 for prescription prices.

21. How can i assure offshoredrugmart.com is legitimate?

You can never be too sure, but here are some criteria to look for:

    • There is contact information posted on the website (phone/fax and address)
    • Owner name is posted on the website easy to navigate details on Google or
      any search engine
    • Pharmacy manager actually answer your phone calls
    • They DO NOT charge any membership fee
    • They DO NOT sell any narcotics or controlled substances
    • They offer thousands of prescriptions products and not just lifestyle drugs. An
      example of a lifestyle drug is Viagra
    • They require you to have a prescription from your doctor
    • They have a pharmacy checker seal
    • You can see few more major things
    • On top of your browser in left hand side you can see Securers’ lock symbol
      which represent parent company
    • As pharmacy is located in India All payment is charged in India only That you
      can see on statement
    • We never ask credit card details over call at any cost, always we prefer
      secure email


22. Do I have to pay custom charges for order which I placed?

Probably no. in some country it may be, but for USA/UK/AUSTRALIA you do not have to pay anything

23. Do you use our contact details for Tele-marketing?

No, we don’t, we give you call once only for just refill reminder.

24. What happens if I missed to get my parcel?

We will reship at our cost.

25. How can I update Account & shipping Information?

You have access to update your account at any time. Call our toll free for any account related information and assistance.