About Us

About us

Offshoredrugmart is a prescription referral service that provides low cost medicines to patients with licensed pharmacy in India, so that we can provide you with the Brand and generic medications at the best possible prices which are fully licensed by the countries regulatory agency they are located in and staffed by fully licensed pharmacists. However the owner of this pharmacy is also registered pharmacist This helps to ensure the quality of product, your exceptional savings while making sure that the product quality isn’t compromised. Sometimes you can see price is a bit high in some product from our competitor’s ,but I am sure 5-10 USD is not more than your health, as we deal in medicine so we do not compromise with quality. Offshoredrugmart team works hard to ensure that our pharmacy become your trusted source for prescription medications.

We understand that many of our patients are not used to ordering their prescription drugs from our website and therefore we offer many different ways that you can place an order with us based on your comfort level.

Why prices so low:

We fully operates from India , from payment charging to dispatch ,all activity regarding processing orders are done in India ,simply you can notice when we charge your payment you can usually notice that payment goes to India and in Indian account.

India is big hub for generic & Brand medicine, Almost all Major Pharma company manufacture in India, due to conversion in currency and low cost in wages we can offer relevant price, Apart from this our source of procurement is from manufacturer and premium Distributer it also helps to reduce Agents unnecessary commission.

Whatever Medicine you buying ,if you suspicious about quality, no problem we have solution to make you comfortable, just email us we will provide you product pedigree of that specific product and image of that product.

Why to trust us.

Generally its good topic for discuss and Argument, we are in Industry since from 2015 ,so obviously we are doing something good that why we are here Offshoredrugmart.com is subsidiary unit of Indo pacific pharma pvt.ltd, and in short period we served around 25000 Active customers throughout world

We assure you about quality and hassle free returns.

Our quality and service makes you to be stick with us.

We are sure once you get satisfied by our product and service definitely you will refer your friends and community that is the profit for us and exact review because we do not believe reviews in public domain, our existing customer is only our reviews.

That is one of the reason we do not promote any pay or commission for referral of patients, or paid comments on so called reviews site. Hope you understand as in low price and high quality we really don’t have much profit to promote such things.

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