Q1.Why are your drugs so inexpensive?

Pharmaceutical prices in the US are the highest in the world. Many drugs in the US are sold at 10,000 or even 100,000 times the cost of production. Additionally, lower incomes in the majority of the world make huge markups impossible. Our mission has been to find the markets with the lowest priced, highest quality products and make those products available to our customers. For many products, INDIA is the best choice. India now has the second most US FDA approved pharmaceutical manufacturing units (after the US). For other products Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, or Eastern Europe are the best options. As such, we’ve tried to develop strong relationships with major manufacturers and distributors in as many of these markets as possible.Additional cost savings come from our more direct sales model. We buy from large, reputable distributors, or directly from the manufacturer whenever possible, and cut out the middlemen. In addition to reducing our costs, it also provides additional quality assurances.

Q2. Do I need a prescription?

you need a valid prescription issued by your local doctor to order any prescription medicine. you can scan and email it at support@offshoredrugmart.com

Q3. Where do your drugs come from?

All orders are dispatched/processed from our retail pharmacy which is located in INDIA.

Q4. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We offer a few shipping options:

Standard Shipping - 7-18 days Worldwide shipping, with average delivery time 10-16 working days maximum 21 days for $12.00. It mostly depends upon time in custom clearance process,

Standard Shipping is available worldwide, and Expedited Shipping is available to most countries. If these rates seem high to some people, please know that courier rates from Asia start at a minimum of around $20 (FedEx, UPS, etc.). The shipping rates we charge are actually below what it costs us to send packages.

Q5. I don't see the drug I need. Can I request it?

Yes. If you don't see your prescription listed, please email us at care@offshoredrugmart.com. If you request a drug that we do not currently sell and we are able to provide it to you, we will give you a coupon for $10 off of your first order of that prescription.

Q6. How can I pay for my order?

We accept every major credit card as well as E-checks and wire transfer.

Q7. Do you accept health insurance for payments?

We wish that it was possible to work with heath insurance plans. Unfortunately, in nearly all cases, this is not possible. Our hope is this will change in the future.

Q8. Can refills be sent automatically?

YES but before sending medicine we want to remind you by voice call/sms, email , and let us know what prescription you would like to have automatically refilled. We will ship your refill orders so that they will arrive at least a week before your previous order expires, to ensure that you will not run out of your prescription.

Q9. Can I place an order by phone?

Yes. The number is 1 (855) 297-4528. We are still a small business so our customer service will place your order on the behalf of you, If you are calling after 9am to 6 pm,PST hours, please leave a voicemail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Q10. Is there a quality guarantee with the prescriptions?

Yes. If you are unhappy with the quality of the product for any reason, contact us within 30 days of delivery and we will refund your money for all remaining pills.

Q11. Do you offer free shipping?

Please note – we offer free shipping on ACH ,E-check orders above 150 USD

Q12. Is there a delivery guarantee?

Yes. We will reship your order at our expense if it is not delivered.

Q13. Can I cancel my order after I have paid?

It is possible to cancel your order until it has actually been shipped. Please email or call us immediately if you need to cancel your order. Unfortunately, after the order has been shipped cancellation is not an option.